Monday, January 19, 2009

How do YOU define success?

How do YOU define success? To most of us success, at least to a certain degree, involves money. In today's world success is measured in money. The more money you have in your bank, the more successful you are.

Of course, success is also measured by what kind of job you have. Your status in the society. Your power. It is measured by what car you drive and who you "hang out" with. What clothes you wear, and if you drink Cristal or Dom Perignon.

Success can also involve your personal relationships, you success in love or marriage.

Success can just as well be measured by how well your kids are performing in school. Or how flat your stomach is.

All of us can define our own success, but it is society in general that dictates if you are a success or not in a general sense.

If you are interested, I will show you how to achieve success. Success is not something that requires luck. Success can be made certain. I will show you how to ensure your success.

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