Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rolls Royce or Diamonds?

Do you know what it takes to get a Rolls Royce Phantom or a handful of diamonds?

The right answer is of course a lot of MONEY.

The follow-up question is how do you make a lot of money?
The answer to that question is not as simple, but there are principles that you can follow that will make your success more or less guaranteed. You can ensure your success if you follow principles that work.

The first principle is DECIDING to become filthy rich. Unless you decide you will do everything it takes to become rich you will never make a lot of money. It is that simple. Please spend some time and think about if you have decided to become rich and successful. When you have decided you are on your way. You have taken the first step and are ready to take the next.

Ensured Success!


  1. I'll have a bag of diamonds! Great link, much appreciated!

  2. Great Blog! I think I will too have the Diamonds!

  3. Nice blog you have. I followed you here and on twitter.

    And nice display picture of you.

    Maybe you like my blog.

  4. I know exactly what you are saying. The first step in any decision is clarigying the idea..and envisioning it. As far as money is concerned...I'm daily overcoming my limiting belifes about money and deciding and envisioning that the work I do earns me massive amounts of money frequently both directly and passively. I'm also DECIDING to save well, spend wisely and see my self as a skilled and diciplined money maximizer and investor! Thanks for the post!